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This product is an online legal resource of Colibri Law Firm, which hosts experience of our attorneys in various areas of Uzbekistani Law. The major objective of the product is to introduce an alternative channel of providing legal support to your business. The idea is to establish a search directory which is simple, time efficient, user friendly and affordable. Our online legal source provides three alternative search options, where each search tool generates individual search results:

Wheel search provides results through a navigating wheel, which helps you to partially preview a document before opening it. An advantage of this option is that after you type in your request, along with specific results on a wheel you also receive recommended documents, which might be relevant to your search query by subject, name or legal nature. Relevant documents will appear on the bottom of the search page in the “Recommended” field.


Straight List search is a classic search tool, which provides a list of search results prioritized on relevant to search subject basis.


Database search allows you to navigate through all existing documents in our database by subject matters and legal practices. 


We believe the product is at its early stage and we are committed to constantly update it, and maximise data volume by continuous and dedicated efforts of our team. To learn more about our Project we invite you to explore our website in preview mode. If you would like to get full access, please complete our form and we will send you our Agreement and instructions how to complete your registration.


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