Brief description of Employment regulations in Uzbekistan:


According to the Labor Code of Uzbekistan remuneration of work cannot be lower than the Minimum Wage adjusted by the Legislation. The minimum wage has been set up for computation of taxes, dues, compulsory payments and social protection of population.


The person applying for work must present the following documents:


There is a special procedure for attraction of foreign employees for work in Uzbekistan, requiring the employer to obtain the Permit in the Migration Agency under the Ministry Of Health and Social Security. Such Permit is issued to the employer for the period of one year. In order to obtain the Permit, the company must submit a number of documents to the Migration Agency (Charter and Certificate of Registration, etc.) as required by the legislation, for review. The Migration Agency shall consider the documents and issue the Permit within the period from 3 weeks to 1 month.


The foreign employee of the company must obtain the Confirmation. To obtain this Confirmation for the Employee the company must submit to the Migration Agency the documents as required by the legislation including the draft of employment agreement, copy of passport, Certificate confirming the absence of HIV-infection, etc.  The Migration Agency shall consider the documents and issue the Confirmation within the period from 3 weeks to 1 month.


Employment practice provides an overview of Employment Law of Uzbekistan, including hiring local and foreign specialists (expats), licensing procedures, employer-employee relationship matters (compensations, labor discipline, etc), work permit issues, termination and redundancy procedures, templates of documents and agreements in this field, and more.


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