Courts and Arbitration

Brief overview of the Courts and Arbitration system in Uzbekistan:


On January 1, 2007 the Law on Arbitration courts #ZRU-64 as of October 16, 2006 has come into force and introduced a new approach to the settlement of disputes in the Republic of Uzbekistan. If previously the system of judicial dispute resolution has included economic, civil, administrative, criminal and military courts, commencing January 1, 2007 judicial system is widened to non-governmental arbitration courts.


The Law introduces for the following two types of arbitration courts:

In accordance with the Law the following types of disputes cannot be resolved by arbitration courts:


As per January 2011 around 100 arbitration courts have been established in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Among them 15 arbitration courts have been established under all regional branches of the Chamber of Commerce.


Courts and Arbitration practice provides a general overview of legal and judicial system of Uzbekistan, including matters of application of foreign law, enforcement of foreign arbitral awards, comparison of international arbitration institutes, and more.






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